10 Umissable USA experiences

The United States of America is an incredibly diverse country with multiple cultures and traditions all blended together in a bold manner. So, if you are heading to the US on a multi centre holiday or twin centre holiday, then make sure you plan as many unmissable experiences into your itinerary as you travel across the states. Whether you want to see jaw dropping scenery, ride around the Big Apple on two wheels, or eat like Elvis, here are a few ideas to inspire you on your next adventure…


Selfie in Chicago

No trip to Chicago is complete without the classic self-photo with Cloud Gate. The public stainless steel sculpture has become an iconic part of the city that is located in the Millennium Park. Reflecting and distorting its surroundings and the urban skyline in a quirky fashion, you can walk around the piece of art and through the 12foot arch to witness the multiple reflections and bizarre photographic angles. Perfect for a quirky selfie.


Grand Canyon

Stretching a staggering 277 miles, reaching a mile deep and in some areas up to 18 miles wide, the Grand Canyon really is one unmissable sight in the USA. With jaw-dropping natural beauty, try to time your visit to the National Park at either dusk or dawn to see the mesmerising orange glow as the light bounces off the rocks and basks the land in warmth. For the ultimate experience, book a helicopter ride to soar through the towering canyon walls and enjoy the best views possible.


Try your luck in Las Vegas

Nothing can prepare you for the overwhelming lights and atmosphere of Las Vegas. Quite literally the city that doesn’t sleep, Vegas is a whole world of it’s own with endless shows, entertainment, and high class shopping and casinos at every glance. For great free sightseeing simply take a walk down the Strip to see the dancing Bellagio fountains, the impressive hotel facades and even a volcano erupt at the Mirage.


Bike in the Big Apple

Hire a bike for the day and zip around the bustling streets of iconic New York City in style. Leave public transport behind, and instead find your way on two wheels. Whether you take a gentle ride around Central Park, or explore the streets and hidden gems at high speed, this really is the quickest, and easiest way to see as much of the city as possible.


Peanut butter sandwich in Memphis

The true birthplace of the Blues, Memphis is an unmissable destination for any music fans that celebrates the home of the King with live music in bars and museums showcasing Elvis memorabilia. For the fans wanting an authentic experience, head to the Arcade Restaurant,

Elvis’ favourite diner where he often enjoyed a fried peanut butter and banana sandwich – delicious!


Ride like a cowboy

Experience the National Park of Monument Valley from a different height, and speed. Join a horse riding tour, don the cowboy boots and canter across the striking dusty landscape for an unforgettable experience. Organised tours take place through the Valley, meaning you can enjoy a trail ride whilst learning about your surroundings from the knowledgeable guides and leaders.


Ride the San Francisco Tram

One of the only places in the world where you can ride on a National Historic Landmark, San Francisco operates a traditional cable car system allowing you to ride around the city with ease. Dating back to 1873, the tram has become a familiar sight and sound around the city, so simply listen out for the bell and hop aboard.


Kick the autumn leaves in New England

The scenery in New England is a massive draw for travellers, with endless lakes, lighthouses and picturesque coastal retreats. Despite having all year round beauty, plan your trip in autumn for the stunning foliage season where the area is drenched in red, orange and golden hues as the leaves begin to fall. Find your inner child and run through the parks kicking the piles of leaves and tasting freshly picked, home grown apples.


Surfs up in San Diego

Sandy beaches, swaying palm trees and pedestrian boardwalks welcome you to the coast of California. Head to San Diego for miles of bustling beaches, nightlife, bars, and of course surfing. Attracting everyone from beginners to experts, the surf here is a big draw for people wanting to test their skills. So grab a board, book a few lessons if needs be, and enjoy surfin’ USA like the beach boys told us to.


USA delicacies

With such a variety of cultures across the country, make sure that when travelling through the states on your multi centre holiday that you try a range of different delicacies. Whether you are a fan of the top quality Michelin Star restaurants and high quality a la Carte menus, or want to experience authentic street food, classic American dinners or a fast food hotdog, USA has a range of flavours on offer to tickle your taste buds.

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