3 of London’s Fine Restaurants

Petrus Restaurant-Gordon-Ramsay The-LedburyThe capital city of England offers some of the best restaurants in the world you simply have to taste. Nothing beats a nice day out in London than dining at a Michelin star restaurant with your friends and family. With so much on offer, there is much to experience and with these top three restaurants, you simply cannot go wrong.

1)      Restaurant Gordon Ramsay

The first of Gordon Ramsay’s restaurants on this list, the British chef offers a taste of French food you cannot miss out on. It is not only the food but the presentation that is applauded too because as you know, Ramsay only strives for the best. For a man who has numerous shows which see him trying to better other people’s franchises, it’s exciting to have a little taste of what he thinks is the very best.

Since 2001, Ramsay has earned the recognition of being the first Scottish chef to have been accredited with three Michelin stars. This is one of only two in the whole of London, so if you’re in search of a high-quality restaurant, look no further.

2)      Petrus

Another one of Gordon Ramsay’s range of restaurants, Petrus has been winning major awards since it started, including London’s Best Restaurant in 2009. Of course, the very best food in and around London includes French cuisine and Petrus is no different. Serving up some of the well-known dishes in France, you can have yet another taste of what Ramsay has to offer.

What sets Petrus apart from the former restaurant is that the location allows you to have a peaceful dinner for two as well as going with a large group of friends or family. I found it was always best to dress smartly and with a sense of sophistication as you’ll be enjoying yourself in one of London’s finest venues.

The wine list is renowned to be one of the best in the country but make sure you pack your wallet as the price levels are considered much higher than average. But you are paying for a level of quality that’s one of the best around.

3)      The Ledbury

It’s not often you see non-British chefs being brought over to London only to improve the restaurant they’re in dramatically as The Ledbury’s. Australian-born head chef Brett Graham took charge back in 2005 and within the space of a year, The Ledbury was awarded its first Michelin Star. Now, they have two and are regarded as one of the best restaurants in London.

Mainly based on European, mostly French, cuisine, the famed restaurant thrives on creating an intimate ambience in London’s most affluent areas. Reviews have claimed the restaurant offers a consistently high standard of service and is the perfect setting for entertaining clients and hosting special occasions.

You might feel it best to have an experimental day out and try all three to judge which is the best. Why not rent a car with Alamo and see where the day takes you? Maybe you’ll be lucky enough to see some of the best chefs in England on display.

By Hiten Patel

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