4 Best Cruises for the Family

A great family holiday can be one to remember. You can create wonderful memories by having everyone you care about alongside you on an enjoyable vacation. Going on any holiday with children can be pretty tough but when you’re on a cruise, there’s something a little more comforting with the enclosed areas.

Not only that, but with the activities on board, there’s something for the whole family to enjoy.

1)      Jamaica

For young children, being active is something they look for in a holiday. For them, it’s all about going wild and having fun with little restriction. As if the water sports weren’t enough whilst aboard the cruise, landing in Jamaica the heart of the Caribbean, will be the icing on the cake.

The warm temperature, the sandy beaches and the areas open for exploration make this a dreamland for young adventurers. It’s not just fun for the little ones, however, as while they play, you can experience some snorkelling and parasailing.

2)      Rome

A little less exotic but full of history, going on a Mediterranean cruise offers some extraordinary sights for the whole family. Relive some of the most historical moments, especially in Italy’s capital city of Rome where you’ll find world-famous landmarks. This may not sound so interesting for children but it does get better.

Not only can you visit nearby museums to learn about the history and culture from the past, but there are many open parks near the major attractions to explore. Feel free to let them run wild as events and entertainers are often nearby.

Rome offers a truly unique experience for you and your family.

3)      Le Havre (Paris)

The beautiful city of Paris has always been considered one for the romantic in you. Not only can you find some quality time for you and your partner, you can make sure the children enjoy the holiday just as much as you do.

France is already known for its culinary expertise, extravagant night life and architectural genius, but there is something the younger generation (and maybe even you) will find more exciting – Disneyland Paris.

The joys of bringing back childhood memories and even seeing the little ones get excited is something to cherish. From going on Disney rides to seeing shows, you’ll find something for the whole family to do.

4)      Galapagos Islands

Nothing beats heading out on a holiday looking for adventure and when you’re planning on exploring, having a relaxing time beforehand on a cruise ship is ideal. Once you’ve enjoyed the calming time on board, exploring the Galapagos Islands will be a treat.

The volcanic islands are home to a national park and a biological marine reserve, the second-largest in the world. Get up close and personal with the extraordinary wildlife and learn the steps Charles Darwin took to support his evolution theory. With deals for all sorts of tours in and around the island, there’s no reason for you not to go exploring.

By Hiten Patel


photo credit:

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