The World’s Most Eerie Tourist Destinations

We all love a spook every now and again, but as we get older horror movies continue to grow less and less thrill-inducing. To really get the scare you’re after, why not try out one of these eerie tourist destinations on your next trip away?

 Unquenchable Fire– Turkmenistan 

fireThis rather poetically named location came into being in 1971, when Soviets who were drilling for oil caused the surface of one of their sites to collapse in on itself.

Methane gas began streaming from the crack, with it decided they should set it ablaze to burn it out across the space of a few days.

It’s now been 45 years and the giant crater continues to burn – giving off the illusion of a mass glowing crater of hellfire and brimstone.

Intrepid explorers have delved into the depths of the cavern, but are yet to discover any direct correlation to otherworldly supernaturalism.

 forest1HoiaBaciu Forest – Romania

When you learn this spot is also referred to as the ‘Romanian Bermuda Triangle’, it’s not hard to see why it earns a place on our list as one of the spookier destinations to try out.

It’s said “Superstitious locals steer clear of the region, though some ‘brave’ or perhaps foolish locals enter and emerge with frightening stories of unexplained phenomena and mystery illnesses.”

 At least those people come out – with some reports suggesting intrepid hikers have made the journey in, only to never re-emerge out the other side again. As well as that, there’s said to have been a staggering 70 UFO sightings in the region.

The ToulSleng Genocide Museum – Cambodia

That name alone gives you some sort of window into the nature of this next spot. While originally a secondary school, this museum now stands as a monument to the horrors which were carried out here between 1975 and 1979.

It’s reported as many as 20,000 people were imprisoned at one time or another in ToulSleng, with many of them tortured and murdered by the Khmer Rouge regime.

Daily tours are now readily available for people, with murder instruments and photos of the victims all on show for anyone looking to receive a spook.

Isla de las Munecas – Mexico

If you suffer from a severe bout of Pediophobia (the fear of dolls), this is the last place you’ll want to visit on your next trip.

This island is teeming with abandoned dolls, which have been hung up on trees as part of a bizarre tradition revolving around warding off evil spirits.

It’s said a young girl died playing in the waters, with her spirit coming back to haunt a hermit taking residency there years later. When a small doll washed up on shore he hung it up for her and she left him alone.

Whether you believe the theories or not, the sight of thousands of dirty and dilapidated dolls staring down on you is enough to make you quake in your boots.

Feeling unnerved? Hopefully you can experience some of these gory destinations for real when you’re next on your holidays.

 Author: Ellen Baker




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