7 Cool New Tools for Finding the Perfect Hotel

We have got for you 7 cool new tools that can help you find the perfect hotel when you go on tour again. These tools will let you search for rooms reserved by hotels until last minute, browse through a comprehensive list of hotels in the US or worldwide, and let you know for sure if the deals you are being offered by the hotel are any good at all.

1) BackBid (backbid.com)

Let’s start with this unique website that is gaining popularity among travelers from all over the world. This website will help you get rooms which are typically reserved by hotels till last minute at a reasonable price.


According to it’s website, it does the following


“BackBid is a hotel booking website that revolutionizes how travelers book hotel rooms. BackBid empowers you, the traveler, to find the best possible hotel room, for the best price, with no elaborate or time-consuming searches necessary. By posting your existing hotel reservation to BackBid, hotels are able to see your travel plans and offer bids for your business, offering either discounts or value-added services, like upgraded rooms, free parking or breakfast. Unlike other travel sites who offer discounts without telling you any info about the hotel that you’re booking, BackBid gives you all of the details about the property, the amenities offered and the specific bid being offered before you confirm and process the reservation. This helps you to save money but also to ensure that your hotel stay will meet – or even exceed – all of your expectations. The best part about BackBid is that there is absolutely no risk to you; if you don’t like any of the bids that you receive, just keep your existing reservation.”


2) HotelSweep (hotelsweep.com)

The website list independently owned places that can be booked for staying. The websites is helpful if you are going to be staying in the US. HotelWeep.com has over 50,000 places that can be rented in its database.

Other versions for other countries are also being developed.

3) Room Key (roomkey.com)

If you are looking to stay in reputed US based chains of hotel then roomkey.com can help you find the rooms of your choice. It only has a select hotel chains in its database and they try to keep the list authentic.


If you are one of those who have trust in a brand oh hotels and like to stay in them everywhere you go then this website if for you.

4) Hipmunk (hipmunk.com)

Hipmunk.com is a website designed to help you find a hotel near your preferred night clubs. The websites let you search for hotels and then filter out results to help you find a a hotel that is closer to your preffered choice of night clubs. Definitely for those who can’t go on without a night on the town!


5)  Bing Travel – Rate Indicator (bing.com)

Limited to a 3 dozen US cities, the Bing tool is growing fast. The tool is a great resource for finding out weather the tariff you are being offered is a good deal or not. The results are color coded to show your how how is the the deal you are getting. We have that that the company will included other countries.

6) Booking.com (booking.com)

This search engine has over 180 thousand hotels in over 160 countries. It is one of the most comprehensive hotel search tools we have come across. The website has kept user desgin in mind and navigating through it feels like a walk in the park.

 7) Hotwire(hotwire.com)

Lastly, we have got hotwire.com. The site is a great tool for finding the best hotel deals. It compares result from other websites such as Expedia and Trip advisor to give you a comprehensive idea. The website has a tool called Trip watcher that lets you know if there has been a drop in the price.


Well there you have it! 7 new tools for finding the hotels of your dream. Make sure to look into everyone of the websites listed above to get the best deal you possibly can while booking hotels. Some of the entries on the list is only useful if you are going to be staying in the US. We will be adding tools that can be used by you to get the best hotel deals world wide as soon as we encounter them.

At least be sure to look into backbid, hotel weep and bing rate indicator as we feel they are the best tools in the list.



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