8 Ways to Keep Your Stomach Safe Anywhere on Earth

The last thing you want is to fall sick in a foreign land. And to fall sick in a foreign land is easier than one would like to think. It mostly has to do with the traveler’s body is not the same as that of the locals whose bodies have adopted with the local custom and ways. It is however possible to do certain things that will make sure you have a better chance of survival. Below is a list of eight things you should do or not do to keep your stomach safe.

1- Eat with One Eye Open
Always investigate the food joint before placing an order. Good crowd is a good sign that the food is never stale. But a good crowd is not always indicative of good quality of food so remember to look around and make sure that the hygiene of the place and the waiters is up to satisfaction. Try and peek into the kitchen if possible to get the idea of how the food is being ready.

2- Look For The Source
Juice is healthy; we all know it and one can tempted to have some in the middle of a hot day in a foreign land. But before you do, find out where does the vendor get his water from. Contaminated water is a big problem in developing countries so only has juice from shops which has a running water supply. This is mostly true for all street side food vendors and not just fruit vendors. So look for or ask about the source of water before eating or drinking anything from the store.

3 -Wash Fruits before Eating
It is not only a good habit but essential when you are traveling in a foreign land. Don’t think you can do it as well if you see the locals eating fruits without washing as their bodies have most probably become immune to most ailments that can occur from eating unwashed food. Also, make sure that the water you are using to wash the fruits is fresh.

4 -Bring Your Utensils
It might seem unusual and downright insulting but use your own utensils as there are places where the bowls and the plates are not washed properly leaving many bacteria intact. This usually happens with the road side stalls. So if you think that the food is clean and hygienic but the plates aren’t then don’t be afraid to tell the vendor to serve you in your plates. If it is a developing country then it is more than likely that the vendors will be aware of different hygiene standards that people have abroad and would not be offended by your request. Slightly amused, might be.

5 -Eat It Hot
Don’t let your food get cold before you eat it. Hot food is free from many bacteria and microbes that might can harmful if consumed. So make sure you eat your food while it still has steam coming out of it! Seriously though, you don’t need to burn your mouth trying to eat the food but consuming it before it gets cold is recommended.

6 -Carry Your Own Water
You don’t want to find yourself in a situation where you are forced to drink water which might be contaminated just because you were too lazy to carry a water bottle with you. Always carry your own bottle and never drink water from anywhere else even if you are in a restaurant. Refill your bottle when you see a water purifier.

7- Find Out What Is In Session
It is always a good idea to have knowledge of what vegetables and fruits are in the session. The items which are in session are more likely as fresh than those which aren’t. You can ask the restaurant waiters, vegetables vendors or look up the internet to find out which vegetables and fruits are in the session where you are at the moment.

8- Say No If Need Be
Sometimes because you don’t want to offend the locals you want go ahead and drink juice or eat a dish you suspect to prepare by methods of questionable hygiene. Don’t do it! Learning to say “No, I don’t want it” will go a long way in keeping you healthy in your tours. Don’t hesitate to walk away at any stage you feel like walking away. Remember to trust your instincts.

Doing all the things listed above could be difficult but it is certainly recommended that you try to.
Remember to keep the things listed above in mind when you go traveling abroad next time and you will find you have lowered your chances of getting sick much. Good luck on all your future tours and may you stay healthy!

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