A Beginners Guide to Surfing Sydney’s Beaches

Sydney’s Beaches

It seems that all roads lead to Sydney over the past ten years. The city is seeing a stellar escalation of popularity among people of all generations around the world. It is by far one of the most popular, culturally diverse and infrastructurally tight cities on the planet and some tentative whispers even claim it will soon take the crown of the capital of the world from New York City. However, one of the definite, indisputable facts about Australia is that it is the continent of surfing, and where better to surf than in its cutting-edge, urban hotspot? Without any further ado, here’s a beginner’s guide to surfing Sydney’s beaches.

The basics

Predicting the behavior of Pacific waves is like trying to predict the future through tarot cards, but thankfully you actually don’t have to do it. The cutting-edge technology that tracks the weather can predict the behavior of waves pretty reliably and you can follow this through a number of apps which you should definitely install once you arrive in Sydney. This way, you’ll avoid all the accompanying hazards as the beginner.

The city also boasts an endless number of surf stores that have all the necessary gear on offer, but you can also easily rent a board in one of the numerous surf schools that are usually located somewhere near the surfing hotspots.

 Sydney’s Beaches – Surfers


Long Reef Beach for beginners

Bondi is indeed a legendary beach and a staple of Sydney’s cityscape, but it is probably not the best place to begin practicing your rookie surfing skills (even though it has a good surfing school). While you should definitely check it out and enjoy a plethora of interesting beachside activities it can provide, you should probably search for a less crowded beach. For example, Long Reef Beach has a significantly lower volume of visitors, even though it’s not exactly a concealed little lagoon for those with performance anxiety.

It is located on the city side of Collaroy Beach and it is separated by the mouth of Dee Why Lagoon from Dee Why Beach. The waves of Long Reef Beach are smooth and regular, kept pretty predictable and stable thanks to the solid sand banks. This is what renders it so convenient for beginners, and the Baywatch also patrols its shallows ever vigilantly.

 Sydney’s Beaches – Long Reef Beach


The extravagance of Sydney’s Palm Beach

The beauty of Palm Beach is a triple threat. First, it occupies the tip of the peninsula at the end of Barrenjoey Road, which means it lies far away from the city center and the incessant verve of vehicles and people. Second, it is truly a picturesque region with the allure of extravagance about it. The luxurious Contemporary Hotels offer an array of accommodations that will leave you spoiled for choice. Third, and most important for surfers – it is an excellent spot for wave riders with every level of experience.

Above all else, it is a perfect spot for beginners who want to start with baby steps away from the gaze of large crowds. There are even very convenient spots along Palm Beach that are perfect for children who’d love to try their luck in the surfing activity. This lazy stretch of beachside is also famous for serving as the backdrop of the long-running cult television series “Home and Away”.

 Sydney’s Beaches – Palm Beach


Freshwater Beach is a rite of passage

As a rookie surfer, you cannot let your Sydney visit pass without testing out the waves of Freshwater Beach. The gentle cream-colored sands that blend into the crystal-clear azure lagoon are practically there to seduce you into trying your luck on the waves, which actually goes to explain why this ended up being the actual birthplace of Australian surfing.

A whole century ago, the resident of Hawaii named Duke Kahanamoku dazzled the local populace with his wave riding skills which he performed on a carved-out piece of timber. Appropriately, the beach has its dedicated local surf school – known quite simply as Surf Skool, and a number of cocktail bars and restaurants that serve delicious foods and beverages.

 Sydney’s Beaches – Freshwater Beach


There’s hardly a more serene yet blood-pumping experience than surfing. Just imagine the rush of adrenaline as you ride the azure wave that is rolling towards the expansive coastline of Sydney. Taming the waves of these beaches on the edge of the Pacific can be quite challenging in certain spots, but the beauty of it lies in the fact that you can easily find the most perfect spot for you. The entire coastline of Sydney is so intricate and diverse, it has a bit of something for everyone – the rookie and the expert.

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