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Romance goes hand in hand with a happy and stress-free holiday mood. If you’ve been victimized by the monotony of your everyday life, it is time to go for a nice rejuvenating vacation with each other. Adding adventure to your romantic escapade can only spice up your love life and help you revisit those golden courtship moments of your life.

With a cool vernal breeze blowing and spreading the floral scent of love all around, February is easily the most beautiful month for romance. Love along with romantic feelings can fill your life with beautiful colors and make anyone ecstatic. If you’re looking to enjoy a romantic vacation with your special someone in this beautiful month of February, there can be no better place than a visit to Singapore.


Why visit Singapore?

Often people associate romance with Paris or other beautiful countries in the world. You may be right in wondering why just visit Singapore, when you have all the money to spend on a luxurious vacation somewhere else. The answer depends more on your personal choice. For me, a romantic vacation is all about unwinding and adventure altogether. A romantic date should not just be about lazing under the sun and gazing into each other’s eyes.

Romance should include some eternal moments and lifetime experiences that you live together. These experiences should not necessarily be of a similar type, but should include vivid memories, a bit of relaxation, luxury and oodles of adventure. Why not combine all these aspects and enjoy an experience of a lifetime in Singapore style?

Another great reason to choose Singapore as your one-stop romantic destination is that Singapore vacations can also be enjoyed in a cost-effective manner. At a stage of togetherness, where everything about your life is entwined with each other, your finances are a cause of concern too. If you can enjoy a pleasurable experience with each other with less monetary considerations, why wouldn’t you choose to visit Singapore!

Read along for an account of some amorous experiences that await you both in the mystic Singapore:


1.      Outdoor fun

Singapore is one country where you can enjoy a plethora of outdoor activities. For couples who seek adventure and outdoor fun, Singapore has some of the following outdoor activities for you to enjoy:


a.      Camping– Singapore has some of the finest camping sights, which provide you a chance to enjoy privacy. You can simply enjoy gazing at the stars on a moonlit night, while enjoying a relaxing camping escapade.

b.      Marina Barrage- If you’re an outdoor person who loves an adventurous date under the warm sun, Singapore’s Marina Barrage is the pace for you. Consider enjoying different kite-flying activities with each other, while letting out your playful side out.

c.      Zoos and animal safaris- Another thrilling adventure that can be enjoyed by all couples is a nice visit to the zoo. Singapore has many different varieties of animals and enjoy an exciting animal safari during the night. The night safaris promise a welcome insight into the life of the ‘Creatures of Night’. Be sure to enjoy this learning experience together while holding hands and feeling excitement running inside your veins.

d.      Sentosa Islands– Singapore’s all-time hit Sentosa Islands have all the outdoor fun jam-packed for couples. Unravel your fun side and smooth out the sunblock to evade the sun tan while enjoying under the sun. You can play and try out different exciting activities while romancing together.

e.      Ski360– You can also enjoy various skiing adventures in Singapore. The best part about this romantic escapade is that you shall be able to steal some intimate moments while enjoying skiing together in a beautiful ambience. IN a pollution free ambience that is completely loaded with adventure, what more can you ask for!

f.       Bordeaux– Singapore’s tallest wall-climbing building gives you an opportunity to work it out before enjoying some romantic moments together. If you fancy such strenuous workouts, Bordeaux is surely the place for you!


2.      Out of the box adventures

If you’re looking for an adventure of a different type altogether, Singapore has some of the following alluring destinations to look out for:

a.      Singapore Flyer: As one of the most spectacular man-made marvels, the Singapore Flyer promises you a thrill of the lifetime. You can enjoy this adventure of a lifetime in Singapore and cherish this memory forever. For couples willing to enjoy this thrilling experience, you can also consider dining inside the Flyer during your 90-minute flight on dizzying heights.

b.      Marina Bay Sands Hotel Pool: You may have swum across the English Channel or swam in the waters of the most saline water bodies, but you haven’t had a swimming experience like it ought to be yet. Singapore’s and the world’s tallest and longest swimming pool is located on top of Marina Bay Sands Hotel. It is one of the most suicide-friendly experience for daredevils. If you’re one such, consider swimming inside the crystalline blue pool with your partner to feel the nervousness and thrill of swimming in this infinity pool.

c.      The Esplanade: A visit to Singapore with your art-loving partner is incomplete without a visit to the Esplanade. Singapore’s mesmerizing culture is beautifully depicted in this famous art hub, where you can enjoy admiring some of the world-class art pieces.

d.      Spooky Adventures: With your partner with you, make sure you miss just no different experience. The haunted Changi Beach, The Cemetery, Old School in Singapore and the Bedok Block of Flats can help you clasp hands while feeling terrified together.

3.      Food Love

Singapore’s delicious, multifarious and extraordinary cuisine can help you fall in love with each other all over again. Make sure you try out anything and everything in Singapore. Some of the most popular dishes in Singapore include Grilled Sambal Stingray, Chicken rice, Moussaka, Ayam Buah Keluak and Chilli Crab. Such delicious and lip-smacking delights are quite economical and provide you a heavenly taste. All you need to do to enjoy these delicious treats is a SingaporeVisa and a lovable partner. Don’t forget to take your beloved to Au Chocolat at Marina Bay Sands to enjoy the chocolaty treats. Who needs aphrodisiacs when you have such delicious food to tantalize your taste buds!

Singapore has a distinctively discerning culture that leaves a great impact on every tourist. It leaves every tourist refreshed and elated. The mystic culture of Singapore is definitely a turn-on for every couple that has been romance-starved for quite a while now. Just grab your belongings and head towards this squeaky-clean city to enjoy a memorable holiday in Singapore.


Author Bio: Peter Lee is a consultant associated with He is a travel buff and an avid blogger, who likes to study the work and business cultures of different places.

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