Art Museums should be a must visit on holiday during Virikson Morocco Holidays

Museums are the essential places of any country. Preserving the history from generations and letting people know the story by visualizing the fact is something worth preserving. Scientists wanted to build a time machine to know the past but Museums are already a perfect example that reflects the history any nation amazingly. Museums provide an opportunity to explore the history and culture in the best way. Morocco is the land of cultural diversity and its thrilling history is still jaw-dropping for many people. Explore Morocco and go deeper into the history by visiting some top of the Museums of the country.

  1. Museums in  Fes
  • Museum of Marrakech

It exhibits modern and traditional Moroccan art. The building of the museum is representing the best example of Andalusian architecture and rooms well decorated in Moroccan cultural style.

  • Tiskiwin MuseumThe museum is collectively reflecting the culture of Souss Valley and Sahara. It was donated by Flint, anthropologist and he had collected all these objects during his travels in Morocco. The region is presenting Morocco’s unique identity by displaying music instruments, furniture and cultural costumes.
  1. Museums in Fes
  • Borj Nod Museum

During your Booking of Morocco Holiday Packages Don’t forget to include Borj Nod Museum which is most famous for its weaponry portion that looks dangerous and decorative at the same time. This fortress holds an amazing and enchanting history of the city Fes.

  • Dar Batha Museum

It contains the huge collection of cultural arts and crafts from the city of Fes. Ceramic, carpets and jewellery are displayed in this museum. People who are interested in art and culture would love this place.

  1. Museums in Tangier
  • Dar-el-Makhzen

The Museum of Moroccan arts and antiques representing the historical antiques of Morocco. Check out the display which is also organized in a Moroccan cultural way.

  • Forbes Museum of Tangier

Malcolm Forbes has established this British styled museum and it exhibits the Moroccan battles of the past. The collection includes soldiers set and some of the weapons that were used during the battle.

  1. Museums in Essaouira
  • Sidi Mohammed Bin Abdellah Museum

The museum displays the collection of artifacts like jewellery, musical instruments, pottery and much more related to the traditional norms of the region.

  1. Museums in Rabat
  • Mohammed VI Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art

It shows the Jewish influence on the Moroccan culture which includes photographs, tools, jewellery and some documents from the past.

  • Archaeological Museum of Rabat

As the name shows, it is about architectural masterpieces from the past of Morocco. Roman, Pre-Roman and ancient Islamic Moroccan sites are exhibited in the museum and travellers from all over the world come for the research and learning.  History admirers and seekers are more interested Roman civilizations.

Museums are the essential part of any culture. People who love to dwell the history before stepping into the future. So, anyone who wants to know about the country, it’s cultures and traditions should not miss the museums of the region. You’ll not only know the history but will also enjoy the lessons learned by nations from their pasts. However, Morocco is a land full of fun and adventures, there are more UNESCO preserved architectural sites that can help you know about the history and traditions of Morocco.

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