Best Winter Holiday Destination in USA

When it comes to winter there are only two types of people. One that wishes for a snowy winter where they can wear cozy sweaters and drink something warm. The other type is the one that wishes for a sunny winter where the sunlight is gentle warm but the breeze quite cold. In short the type of winter perfect for outdoor activities. Last year I spent my winter in Thailand. It was quite nice as the weather is just perfect and I was lucky enough to get an air ticket as in winter months Thailand flights are high in demand.

Why is the USA good for a winter holiday?

The answer is simple, the sheer size of it makes it very diverse in terms of weather. From white winter lands to sunny pleasant places, USA has it all.

For the chilly winter fans

Generally, the colder weather can be found in the more northern states of America. Here are some of my personal favorite.


Magic Mountain Ski Area, Vermont

This New England like gem in Londonderry, which follows the old-styled resorts with snow-covered trees, was opened in 1960. Of course, this means that you need some level of skill at skiing to have a good time here. However, they are expanding to accommodate beginners and will also be offering to teach you how to ski. If you just want to chill (pun intended), then you can have a drink at the local tavern with live music and look at the spectacular view of snowy mountains. Best part? The crowd is thin and the prices are lower compared to other places.


This is by far the most perfect place for winter lovers! The days are short and the nights are long. Everywhere is covered in snow and there are a lot of winter sports to take part in. to move further inland you can hop on Aurora Winter Train, which gives you a very vintage feel as it chugs through a snowy landscape. Through the train, you can reach Fairbanks, and yes you can totally chance upon an occasional moose on the way. At Fairbanks, you can enjoy your time in the ice museum and marvel at beautiful ice sculptures. You may also get to witness the spectacular Northern Lights phenomenon.

New York

Once New Year passes, the hotel rates drop due to lesser tourists in the city. Although a stroll in the chilly weather may not appeal to everyone but it is worth it for all the concerts, art exhibition and comedy shows taking place during winter. The theater season stays in full swing even in winter but lesser tourists mean you can get tickets faster. Or you can simply head to a heated rooftop to marvel at the twinkling view of Manhattan or head to a tavern with a cozy fireplace and maybe meet some interesting people.


For the sunny winter fans

Believe it or not but there are states in the USA where snow is a rare thing and the sun shines all year round.

New Orleans

If you want to visit this culturally diverse city then try to visit in February to join the annual Mari Gras celebration, the biggest street parties in the USA held a day before Ash Wednesday. Other than beads and booze there is so much more in this event. The fun and colorful tradition of parades, pageantry and king cakes all make this event worth a visit. A hotel may be hard to find as they are booked throughout this long weekend so it’s best to plan in advance. Besides, it’s New Orleans! It’s never too early. Or you can visit in January to explore this historic and jazzy city in peace while the weather is quite pleasant.

Las Vegas

After New Year is done with, the demand for a vacation in Vegas comes down, bringing the hotel and flight tickets down to their most affordable rates. Despite fewer vacationers, this Sin City has its activities in full swing all year round. You can still enjoy the casinos, glamorous shows, thrill rides and the cool museums in Las Vegas. If you’re an outdoorsy person then go for a hike at Red Rock Canyon. However, the only thing you can’t do is enjoy outdoor pools. While it may not snow here every year, it can still get a little chilly.

Key West, Florida

In winter, the weather is quite pleasant in the Florida Keys and I guess it’s no surprise that it is also the busiest season in Florida. Generally, Florida is known for beautiful beaches so the city itself has much to offer. One of my favorite island here is the Key West. The general party atmosphere gets you in a very fun mood. The liveliest street here has to be Duval Street with its quirky crowd and general energetic atmosphere. Or if you want a more relaxing holiday then you can indulge in fresh seafood, lounge on scenic beaches and even visit Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum to view the famed six-toed cat. Be wary though because the winter season in Florida, especially in the Florida Keys is very busy and quite expensive.


By Yougeshwar Hari

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