Budget Vacations and the Importance of Planning

Planning is a vital step for any vacation. While some people envision excitement in an impulsive vacation, failing to plan a trip can result in excessive spending. Even a short trip within driving distance can be costly if not properly planned. We share a few reasons to sit down and plan a vacation when on a budget, to help you realize the value in planning ahead.

Flights are Cheaper 54 Days in Advance

If your trip involves a flight, you will want to begin planning immediately. Studies of airfare trends have discovered that booking your ticket 54 days in advance is the least expensive time to do so. Without beginning to make arrangements in advance, you could end up spending far more than necessary on that flight to Orlando, for example.

These studies also revealed that Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays are the best days to purchase tickets. These are the days in-between the most common departure and arrival days. For example, most people who leave for a weekend trip will have tickets for Friday and Sunday. Few people will depart or arrive in the middle of the weekend, on a Saturday.

Making Proper Arrangements for Your Home Takes Time

Part of going on vacation is making sure your plants, pets, and home are being well cared for while you are away. Though you could place your pet in a kennel, kennels tend to be restrictive and impersonal. Furthermore, a kennel is unable to help care for the rest of your home’s needs. Instead, hiring a freelance pet walker, boarder, or sitter is the best option. Not only will these service providers be able to give your pet personalized attention and care, but they also can provide additional services such as retrieving your mail and watering your plants.

Of course, it is important to give your sitter the courtesy of advanced notice. Finding a pet and house sitter at the last minute can be both challenging and inconvenient. If you make these plans in advance, you can avoid needing to hire separate services for house sitting and pet care, which will save money that you can then put toward your trip.

Last-Minute Reservations are More Expensive

Impulsive vacationers often find themselves with few options for accommodations. Those few options are likely to be anything but cheap. Some hotels and inns even charge a last-minute reservation fee. However, if you plan ahead, you will have the luxury of comparison shopping and seeking not only the best price in the area but also finding less expensive flight and hotel packages. Booking these together not only will save you money but also will save you the hassle of searching for and making two separate reservations.


While spontaneous trips are thrilling and exciting, they also are more costly. Planning in advance increases your chances of having a perfect trip at a lower cost. Your pets and house will be taken care of, your hotel reservations will be ideal with better locations and lower cost, and your plane tickets will be far cheaper than those purchased on an impulse. Being organized and planning ahead are sure to save you stress and money.

A reduction in excitement and spontaneity is worth saving money on your trip. Whether you decide to spend your extra money on souvenirs and food or put back into your savings account, your finances will thank you for your foresight.

Kathleen Carter is a teen with Asperger’s Syndrome. She enjoys sharing her perspective as a writer for EducatorLabs. For the site, she enjoys researching a wide variety of topics and sharing tips and advice that benefit young people like herself.

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