Chinese and Japanese tourists open their wallets in Korea

Chinese and Japanese visitors like to drop big bucks while traveling in Korea, but what do they tend to buy while they’re here?

According to a survey conducted by the Korea Chamber of Commerce and reported by YTN, Chinese visitors go for cosmetics, while Japanese tourists make a beeline for dried seafood.

Of the 300 Chinese and Japanese visitors who were surveyed, 86.9 percent of the Chinese visitors said they bought cosmetics, 61.5 percent bought traditional Korean medicine, and 60.7 percent bought clothing.

Of the Japanese who were surveyed, 80.5 percent bought dried seafood such as miyeok (seaweed), and 75.3 percent bought cosmetics.

Reflecting the recent reversal of existing stereotypes, the Korea Chamber of Commerce noted that Chinese tourists were primarily concerned with the quality of goods, while the Japanese visitors looked mostly at the price.

Source: CNN / eTurboNews

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