Discover the “Isle of spice”: Grenada

Enclosed by the Caribbean Sea at the one side and the Atlantic Ocean at another side, Grenada is also called as “Isle of spice”. Grenada stands on the second position in the world to produce nutmegs .The best part about its production is that the fruit has ripened when it falls on the ground. Besides nutmegs, Grenada is also renowned for the production of amazing spices like clove, ginger, cinnamon and many more. Moreover, these spices are used to prepare hard drinks like rum, vodka etc. Not only this much but you will discover many more places when you visit to Grenada. Here are some of the places and events that you should not miss whenever you plan for Grenada.

  • Concord Waterfalls: Located at the west coast of Grenada, Concord waterfall is the most beautiful waterfall among the other waterfalls .The best time to watch this waterfall is at night as it reveals its scenic beauty at the dawn time. Here you can experience the natural and fresh mountain breeze. Moreover, you will be surprised to watch some localities diving in to the clear and deep waterfall.


  • Under Water Sculpture Park: The Underwater Sculpture Park is a garden established under the water Caribbean ocean. If you are an art lover and love to do swimming than watching this place will be really adventurous. It covers the area of almost 800 meters. This was made by British sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor in 2006.You will find more than 65 mysterious sculptures and most of them depicting Grenadian folklore. You can easily glance at the underwater sculptures with a professional tour guide.


  • The Grenada Chocolate Company: If you are in Grenada and you haven’t seen the chocolate company, it means you haven’t seen anything. The Grenada chocolate company is very famous in the world. The popular cocoa beans produced in Grenada help in making the most delicious and organic chocolates. You can escape into the rich and creamy chocolate which is made by extracted cocoa butter. Moreover, these chocolates have won many awards, so you must visit the company at least once.


  • Bathway Beach: Situated on the Atlantic coastline, Bath way beach is the most popular beach in Grenada. It is a total bliss for swimmers as well as non swimmers too. So, if you don’t know swimming, you can still have lots of fun at the Bath way beach. The path which leads to the Bath way beach also leads you to other beautiful beaches along side. Especially on weekends, you can find a huge crowd and colorful events on these beaches.


  • Don’t miss shopping: Don’t miss to do a little bit shopping by taking out time from your fun on beaches at Grenada. You will find plenty of things to shop from the colorful markets. Either you are a foodie or art lover, Grenada market serves you everything. You can buy famous spices, jams, unique jewellery, artistic painting and much more.

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By Neha Aggarwal

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