Enchantments Await in Thailand

Thailand is an almost mythical destination with beaches that seem to resemble paradise as swaying palms tower above pearlescent sand against a backdrop of crystal clear water. There are many aspects including cultural and culinary delights that can make you believe that true enchantment awaits you if you choose to visit Thailand.


Why People Choose Thailand

Thailand is considered to be the most popular tourist attraction in South East Asia and the reason for this is the immense diversity in type and style of holiday that you can experience in the country. If you want a stunning beach holiday, a jungle exploration or something in between these two extremes then you are certain to find a holiday that caters for all tastes and budgets with a wide range of cultural and historical events and venues to give you a memorable holiday.


Tourist Attractions to Consider


Ko Tarutao is considered to e one of the most stunning of the fifty one islands that belong to the Tarutao National Marine Park based in Southern Thailand and if you want a close up to nature wildlife experience with sea turtles, lizards and even crab eating macaques to name just a few creatures, set against the backdrop of unspoilt views and amazing waterfalls, then this would be a good place to head for.

Ayuthaya can be considered an important destination for travellers who are looking to explore the historical aspects of Thailand with the Ayuthaya Historical Park housing a fascinating array of ancient temples and palaces that date back to when Siam was a powerhouse of the region.

Ko Chang is close to the border of Cambodia and despite its growing popularity in recent years as a tourist destination, it is still considerably quieter than the more established islands such as Phuket and Ko Samui. The island of Ko Chang is considered to be one of Thailand’s most beautiful islands with long stretches of sandy white beaches and vibrant coral reefs which are just waiting to be explored when you take a snorkel to the water.

The Sumilan Islands are the best place to visit if you are serious about diving rather than just leisurely snorkelling. Located in the Western Andaman Sea, the archipelago comprises of nine islands which are covered by tropical jungle areas and impossibly white sandy beaches with an even more impressive vista awaiting you under the water.

Phang Nga Bay is instantly recognisable as the iconic backdrop that featured in the James Bond film “The Man with the Golden Gun” and is probably one of the top attractions in Thailand not just for this reason, but also because it is one of the most scenic areas in the country. Whilst there, the best way to get a close up view of the numerous caves and grottos whilst also getting some truly memorable photos, is to take a trip on a sea kayak.

These are just a few of the many destinations to consider and there will certainly be a destination that suits your particular interests or preferred style of holiday.


Food in Thailand


Whilst the country has many beautiful locations it is perhaps best known for the culinary delights that await you when you visit Thailand. The Thai people are absolutely passionate about their food and their dishes represent some of the most popular tastes from around the world.  Whilst in Thailand you can expect to enjoy dishes such as Tom Yum Goong which is a spicy shrimp soup, Gaeng Daeng which is a red curry, Pad Thai which is Thai style fried noodles and the fragrant Pak Boong which is dish that offers a friendly assault of your taste buds without a strong spice element for those that prefer to keep the heat out of their food but still want distinctive flavours. No matter where you go in Thailand, food is the one aspect that is unlikely to differ as you will almost certainly get a good meal and very often at a reasonable price.


A Few Tips

The high season for tourism is between April and October when the weather is at its coolest temperature and it is also drier than other times of the year. The early part of the season in May and June is the Monsoon season but generally it will only rain for an hour or two so you should not be deterred by the description, especially as prices will be a bit lower around this time as well. Finally, remember to barter especially in small shops and when visiting street markets. It is a way of life for Thai people and they expect you to haggle, which can be a lot of fun and you should end up paying a lot less than the original asking price.


Marjorie Kirschner is a travel consultant who blogs regularly. She especially enjoys writing about exotic destinations. 

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