Explore the hiding beauty of Salalah in Oman

Salalah, as a beautiful place can be considered as an asset of the Sultanate of Oman. It is a perfect place for those who are nature lovers and adventurous people. You will surely have a peace of mind when you are in this kind of place. Your eyes will be very satisfied looking at its beauty and you will find yourself astonished and asking how really great “Allah” is, to create an admirable and a wonderful place like Salalah.. The places that contributes to its beauty are mountains which are very gifted with so much greenness and diverse kinds of animal inhabitants. It is more advisable to visit Salalah during monsoon season because during this season Salalah is more beautiful and the mountains turn lush green. Also the coconut palms, banana and papaya plantations are a part of its beauty. Its beaches which are very popular for scuba diving, and for its great waves and its coastlines that are perfect for bird watching. It is not only the nature which makes Salalah beautiful but also the rare sites of historical monuments and old tombs. The places you can visit to discover and reveal to yourselves the beauty of Salalah Oman are the following:
• Mughsail Beach- This is a deserted beach. At this beach you can enjoy fantastic waves which can make your surfing experience more exciting. You will also enjoy looking and feeling the white sand touch your feet while walking. You will also get a relaxing feeling by listening to the sound of the waves while watching the birds fly. This is also an opportunity to see camels closely during mornings.

• Rakhyut- This is another deserted beach. It is enjoyable to have a picnic at this beach. And if you are looking for a quite relaxing swim you can get here on this beach. But if you are an adventurous person then you do not have to change the track, still you can also enjoy surfing at this beach because of its great waves.

• Wadi Darbat- it is an amazing valley. Here you can give satisfaction to your eyes by looking at the waterfall at the end of the place. You can also see from here the Arabian Peninsula.

• Ayub’s Tomb- This place is named after Prophet Ayub, because he has been buried in this place. It contributes to a very amazing view of the city and also the mountains that surround it. It is a very remarkable experience going in this place. Another thing that makes it special is a spring near it which is also a place mentioned in a popular legend. According to the legend prophet Ayub walked on the water hardly to give his followers a source of water. The climate in this place has a big difference and exactly the opposite of climate in Muscat. During dry seasons and extreme temperatures in Muscat , the temperature here is colder. You will never expect that there is such a beautiful and rare place like this in Oman.

• Frankincense Trail- it can be found on the incense road. Here you will be able to see frankincense trees and the remain of the caravan oasis. This place is the source of the livelihood of the people in Salalah because this is the source of the frankincense which are used in making perfumes.
• Marneef cave and the blow holes- This cave is near Mughsail Beach. You will surely enjoy this place during rainy or windy seasons. You can view a breathtaking scenery from this place. You will especially enjoy the experience of watching and waiting the holes to blow a splash of water. You will surely have an unusual feeling of satisfaction being in this kind kind of place.
It’s a great opportunity to find out what makes Salalah a beautiful place. Give yourself a Treat and discover the treasures of Salalah, Oman.

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