Exploring Karijini National Park – The Rugged Beauty Of The Gorges

Nestled in the magnificent Hamersley Ranges of northwestern WA’s Pilbara region is a not-to-miss natural gem – the unbelievably beautiful Karijini National Park. You’ll be spellbound at the incredible scenery, the plunging gorges, and the crystal-clear waterways – read on for more!

Enjoy Karijini’s Flowering Beauty

At any given time, Karijini National Park is rife with beautiful flowers. The plains and gorges are filled with multicolored seasonal wildflowers of different kids. During winter and autumn, the whole park is carpeted with wattles, yellow-flowering cassias, purple mulla-mullas and northern bluebells. When it rains, many other flowering plants bloom, creating an unbelievably romantic landscape.

Karijini’s Unbelievable Gorges

The five major and most magnificent gorges are the Wittenoom Gorge, Bee Gorge, Yampire Gorge, Dales Gorge and Kalamina Gorge. Each gorge is a spectacular display of nature’s easel – a colorful tapestry created by layers of rock over the years. Best times to visit these gorges would be winter, early spring and late autumn, when it doesn’t rain much. Take an experienced tour guide along to explore Karijini’s amazing gorges.

  • Hancock Gorge: You’ll be provided with a ladder to climb down the stunning Hancock Gorge. Deep and narrow chambers full of enchanting rock pools await you at the bottom. It’s a photographer’s dream.
  • Joffre, Knox and Red Gorges: You can get breathtaking views of these three gorges from Oxers Lookout. If you dare to explore these gorges, you’ll be rewarded with beautiful waterfalls and clear water pools.AtJoffre Gorge Lookout you can see a magnificent natural amphitheater and lovely waterfalls.
  • Weano Gorge: Weano Gorge is home to Handrail Pool, a cool swimming pool. Visitors are taken to this gorge first, as it’s fairly easy to reach. From here, the tough trail into Karijini begins.
  • Hamersley Gorge: The Hamersley Gorge has a natural spa pool – you’ll never get this level of spa treatment at any spa clinic! Enjoy the natural spa while admiring the spectacular, millions of years old natural rock formations around.
  • Dales Gorge: Dales Gorge has deep pools, permanent waterfalls (not dependent on rain), sunken gardens which make this gorge the most popular one here. Don’t miss the Circular and Fern Pool and Fortescue Falls at the bottom of Dales Gorge (a 2 hour walk). Fortescue Falls is refreshing and extremely pretty, the perfect spot for a romantic proposal.
  • Kalamina Gorge: Walk along this gorge’s bottom and explore the amazing structure of the rocks and the wonderful shades of blue and red in them.
  • Hamersley Gorge: This gorge is a 100 kilometers from the Visitor’s Center. It’s the best place to view the magnificently colored banded iron formations on the rocks. There are many still pools here as well.


Explore Mt Bruce

If you want to experience some great scenic walks and amazing views of the Karijini gorges, climb Mt Bruce. Mt. Bruce is WA’s second tallest peak – it’s quite a challenge to climb, but the rewards are great.

Wildlife At Karijini

Part of Karijini’s amazing beauty is due to its diverse wildlife. Along your explorations, you may encounter euros, red kangaroos, echidnas, geckos, rock-wallabies, goannas, legless lizards, dragons, snakes, many wild birds, bats, pythons and other snakes.

Teena Celis  is a freelance travel writer. In her articles, she presents an insightful view into Australian holidaying.

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