Germans’ top dream holiday destinations

White Beaches, palm trees and blue water, national parks, or city tours? What are the dream destinations for Germans and their neighbors? asked their clients if money was no object, what would be their dream destination to visit. The Maldives is the number one dream destination for Germans, while many other Europeans named the US as their number one spot.

For Germans, 10.88% voted for the Maldives, 7.91% for the Caribbean, 6.68% for the US, 6.03% for Australis, 5.05% for the South Pacific, 4.62% for New Zealand, 3.55% for Canada, 3.09% for italy, 3.07% for Scandinavia, and 2.91% for Mauritius

One percent would want to go on a tour to the Antarctica or Greenland. asked approximately 11,000 clients for this survey.


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