Great Ideas for Your Next Family Vacation

School may be in full swing for the kids, but it’s never too early to start planning for your next family vacation. If you’re in need of ideas other than the generic amusement park/resort visit, here are a few that you might be interested in:

1) Stay at a wildlife park
Whether you call them a zoo or safari resort, many animal sanctuaries and wildlife conservation centers around the world have accommodation options for traveling families, so if you want to bring your kids closer to nature or interact with animals, they will love this vacation idea. Places such as Nemacolin Woodlands Resort in Farmington, Pennsylvania have a number of kid friendly activities, including pony riding, dog sledding and guided nursery tours. Not only will they get to care for animals, but you will also be introducing philanthropy at a young age, increasing their awareness for global issues, with the experience motivating them to volunteer for different foundations back home.

2) Travel in a caravan
Spending hours in the car with the family can sound quite daunting. Rather than driving across the country in your SUV, rent a motorhome or campervan so that they aren’t always stuck in their seats while you’re traveling between stops. A budget friendly way to see more sites, this is definitely a more convenient option than camping, which is not quite as comfortable and requires more gear. You can also get a pop-up camper that transforms from a road ready trailer to a miniature housing unit, a great alternative to tents and sleeping bags, according to Parents Magazine.

3) Embark on a Disney cruise
The Disneyland resorts will always be available for last minute trips, though if you are looking to change things up, consider booking a package deal on the Disney Cruise Line. Magical adventures await on both land and sea, exploring new cities and countries with the Disney twist your children will love, even if they’re teenagers. You also have the option to extend your holiday with pre- or post-cruise stays, if you want to do a little more exploring at your port of destination or arrival.

4) Rent a house or cabin
A favorite for many families, renting a house on the beach is an easy way to spend time with the kids in the great outdoors, while still maintaining some aspects of everyday family life, like cooking meals and cleaning up after one another. Whether you rent a cabin in the woods or by the mountains, or book a stay at a beach house, staying away from the city or town center will have everyone spending more quality together. Kate Pietrasik, mother and founder of the children’s clothing company Tootsa, suggests renting a house with either a pool or near the beach where you can surf, for “lots of sunshine, good company, new experiences and adventures.” Time with your family is precious and this is a great way to bask in the tranquility of a country getaway, while spending some much needed time away from the stresses of everyday life.

Written by Gwen Dolisha
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