Great Tips to Eat Healthy While Traveling

For a lot of people, being on vacation means throwing every care out the window. This includes caring about the type of food and number of calories being consumed. It is common for people to eat a lot more calories than normal when they are on vacation. While a vacation might seem like one big party, there are always consequences to over eating or not eating as healthy as you should.

Not only does this result in eating yourself sick multiple times during your vacation, but it can also lead to you putting on an extra 5-10 pounds that will show even more when it comes time to slip in that swimsuit for the beach. So, how do you do it? What is the best way to enjoy your vacation, including food and dining, while making healthy choices?

Don’t Plan Your Vacation Around Food

Sure, it’s fun to eat out and have multiple snacks throughout the day while you vacation, but that really won’t be the memories that last. What you’re going to remember are the fun places you went to, the time you spent with family and friends, and the adventures you had.

Of course, every vacation includes food. Who doesn’t like to eat at a yummy restaurant? Just don’t let it be the main event. Make sure your vacation includes activities other than deciding which restaurant you are going to for the next meal.

Pack Some Food with You

As you are filling your suitcase with swimsuits and evening gowns, throw in a few healthy snacks. Just because you are on vacation does not mean you have to stop at a fast food joint every time you have a little hunger pang. Bring nuts, trail mix, and protein shakes with you. This will also keep you from going out for a full meal when you really just need a little snack.

Stop at the Grocery Store

If possible, go to a grocery store on the first day of your vacation. Most hotels have a refrigerator in the room. Get some fruits and veggies, ingredients to make sandwiches and stuff for breakfast. There is no reason to eat out every single meal of your vacation. Get a few healthy snacks to keep you from overeating and stopping at the ice cream shop by your hotel every evening.

Drink Up

Travel with a water bottle, and keep it full. Staying hydrated is a great way to keep yourself from unnecessary eating and will also help you avoid drinking too many sodas.

Pick One Meal to Indulge

You are on vacation and yes, you are probably going to indulge at some point. However, don’t do it at every single meal. Pick one meal where you can indulge. Most often this is going to be dinner. You are more likely to be going out. If you are going to be having a big, delicious dinner, keep breakfast and lunch light. This doesn’t mean don’t eat breakfast and lunch. It just means to make smart, lower-calorie choices at the other two meals. If possible, try not to eat that big dinner too late at night though. It’s a lot harder to work off the calories if you’re going to go to sleep an hour later.

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