Locating The Most Amazing Places To Explore In Italy

Italy is one of the few countries that rank as travelers’ bucket list, and this is so for a reason as it offers many sightseeing opportunities as well as interesting things to do. This is a country that will satisfy your taste as there are different opportunities to suit different types of people. From the food to art and music, you will find everything about Italy particularly inspirational.



You cannot fail to love Venice as the city’s streets are made of water and to navigate through you have to use boats. This is a magical destination in Italy where you will enjoy all manner of activities. At the center of the city is the Piazza San Marco, which is surrounded by different tourist attractions. Besides the Doge’s Palace is the Basilica of St. Mark, and both of these overlook the Campanile. Getting lost in Venice is a pleasure you will enjoy and the experience of navigating through the waters is itself a pleasurable maneuver.


You might have known about Rome through history and the different events that are held here every year. True to its fame, Rome is one of the most vibrant cities in Europe and due to the many amazing features to enjoy, it leads as one of the most preferred tourist destinations in Italy. You will find several interesting features to explore including the Vatican, which features among the topmost attractions within the city. At Vatican you are presented with an opportunity to have a peak into the history of the Catholic Church. You will also enjoy relaxing in Borghese gardens and explore the narrow streets in Trastevere while you also window-shop across Via Veneto.


Lake Como

Lake Como is the most beautiful lake in Italy and with its prominence has been mentioned as the best summer retreat among the rich as well as famous individuals. If you want to spend some cool moments away from brutal heat, then this is your perfect destination while in Italy. You will particularly love the steep shores and the villas that line the shore creating beautiful clustered towns. Bellagio is among these beautiful towns and its appeal is that of a beautifully decorated destination that is located at the point the three narrow arms of the lake meet.

With a good microclimate, Como enjoys an even temperature even during the winter season, so you can see the peaks of the Alps located to the north that have beautiful camellias and palm trees. Before you go into exploring the lake, you can have a small stop at the town of Como at the southern shore where you can enjoy some good moments.

Pisa and Lucca

While in Italy, you should also consider visiting Pisa and Lucca. These sites are an interesting choice as this is where you will find the Campo dei Miracoli complex, which stands with endearing charms. This is a famous Italian icon and is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. It includes baptistery, the cathedral, and Campo Santo. It highlights the impressive intricately-curve pulpit, a design masterpiece that was done from a Romanesque sculpture.

In the nearby is Lucca, which is one of the most inspiring towns you could visit to enjoy the Italian fineness. There are several Gothic churches in the nearby that are stocked with a lot of historical facts you could pursue to enlighten yourself about the origins of cultures and the people of the country.

Tuscan Hill Towns

Tuscan is made up of an undulating landscape that is decorated by stone towns that have foundations going back to Etruscans. All the sites sit at the top of a hill and some of them have ancient castles still intact. The most interesting fact about this place is the architecture that is themed around Roman culture of the past, and the art is something you will enjoy more as it brings you to learn more about the history of the Italian people.

Don’t forget to visit San Gimignano, which is enclosed in walls that were built during the Middle Ages, a time this place was a key stop for pilgrims as they marched to Rome. Also get to visit the tourist spots fount at Arezzo that forms the legacy of different artists, poets, and architects who resided there. Also within the hills is Cortona, which is among the oldest towns in Italy and a destination you will find interesting.



This is a historic center of Roman strongholds that were formerly embraced by a complex curve in Adige River. At this point, you can access the Roman arena, which is a well-preserved first-roman scene that hosted the opera festival. It features different Roman arches that are entangled among Renaissance and Medieval buildings, most of which highlight the long history of Verona that forms part of the Vietnam empire.

The destination is rich in architecture and art and the most important thing about its attractiveness to tourists is founded on pure fiction. This was the setting where Shakespeare chose for Romeo and Juliet, and locals over the past one century have been creating homes with a balcony and a tomb for their favorite fictional characters from Romeo and Juliet.

Pompeii and Herculaneum

Around AD 79, Mount Vesuvius erupted violently and engulfed the city of Pompeii, which was just thriving. It encased the city for over one millennium in ash six meters deep, thereby freezing the city in time. When excavations started around the 18th century, a lot was uncovered revealing buildings and public spaces. This was also the case in the city of Herculaneum, which was covered by molten lava that rained down and crushed buildings due to its weight. It managed to fill the city from the ground up effectively holding in place walls, which have remained in place for years.


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