Most Reliable and Adventurous Holiday Destinations in London

London is one of the most visited sites in the world due to its numerous attractions as well as popular historic places. When visitors choose London as their destination to spend an adventurous holiday vacation with family and friends, they marvel at what London has to offer. In London, there are plenty of places to visit such as: the historic buildings, museums, tours and cruises, art galleries, theatres, and places for relaxing make London an attractive choice for many.

One of London’s most recognized worldwide historic buildings is the Windsor Castle. This is known as the oldest castle in the world, and it is the official home to Queen’s Elizabeth. With luscious and beautiful gardens, visitors can relax and at the same time learn about important facts of British culture. In St. Paul’s Cathedral, visitors can get to know famous art galleries. For instance, The Whispering Gallery is an art gallery known for its several displays of acoustics while The Golden Gallery offers great views of central London where visitors can get a great dose of exercise by having to climb approximately 530 steps in order to reach the top. But, if you want to meet London’s most famous fortress that served as the home for the royals, as a zoo, and as a prison, then the Tower of London is the place to visit.

London is always a great choice for spending a great time with young ones. London Zoo is home to over 700 species of animals with gorillas and giraffes as the main attraction. Not only vacationers can explore the African life in a unique way, but they can also spend a wonderful time in Butterfly Paradise, where thousands of butterfly species can be seen. But, if penguins are your favorite animal, there is a feeding time scheduled everyday where zoo keepers come out to feed them. In addition to this, there is a new tiger attraction coming up for 2013, where visitors will be able to see these animals at its best.

Believe or not, for those who love music, there is a London interactive museum with a display of over 600 pieces of music of all times. In this museum, visitors can play their favorite musical instruments and let their imagination fly. On top of that, The Cartoon Museum is another museum in London that is child friendly. It holds a collection of over 900 pieces of different types of cartoons. Due to the different events hosted in the Cartoon Museum for children and adults, it is a very popular attraction that needs booking with anticipation.

Truly a unique experience, Theatre Royal Drury Lan is unlike any other theater in the area. Among the most popular plays include the following: Shrek, The Musical, and Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, this theater delivers great entertainment for everyone.

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