Respect Local Cultures When on Holiday

Wherever you go on holiday chances are that things are going to be different. There may be a different language or how people dress or how they act and react to different situations. This is known as culture and is an important part of each place’s individual identity.

When you go on holiday it is important to respect local culture and remember that you are a guest in that place. Although it might seem or strange at first you will soon find that you can adapt to a new culture and even come to enjoy it and be part of it.

Therefore before going on a holiday you should do some work to research the local culture of where it is that you are going so that you know what to expect during your stay and so that you can show the upmost respect and understanding of the local culture.

The way you dress is important in some countries, particularly in Asia, some look at what other people are wearing as an idea of what is acceptable. You may be on your holiday but wearing a bikini, and even shorts, in some countries is frowned upon.

Food is another aspect of culture that differs around the world. Some countries will eat some food that we may not usually eat, and that we may even find offensive. However, to them this is normal. Be polite in turning down anything you do not want to eat but do not frown upon others for something that is part of their culture.

Body language is an important part of communicating but as with actual verbal language it can differ in other countries. You may find that some of our perfectly harmless gestures are in fact highly offensive to other cultures. Some countries don’t like pointing and for some the nodding of the head can actually mean no.

Verbal language will probably be the biggest difference in culture that you will face in each country. Although most tourist reliant countries will speak a number of foreign languages you should still consider learning some of the basics as this will be much appreciated by the locals.

Finally, the simplest way to adapt to a new culture is to respect it. Even if you don’t agree and understand it by being polite and accommodating then you soon come to accept it. Remember you are a guest in someone else’s country when you go on holiday so a bit of basic research before you go away will help you enjoy your holiday a lot more.

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