Rural Trip to Europe

Rural trip to European villages can be the best selection as you have fed up from the fast and the tiresome style of living. You can spend  some time in the lap of nature. Nobody will be there to monitor your activities. You could participate in the activities without bothering about results. Sweet chirping would wake you up instead of screaming and irritating alarm of your alarm clock and mobile phone. Here is the crisped description of some unexplored villages in Europe so pack your bags to share the softness tranquility of dewdrops and rejuvenating scattered energy in the sunflower fields.

  • Castle Combe in England

Castle Combe is situated at the distance of eighty five kilometers from the west England.  The region was once acknowledged for its cotton trade . The main attraction in the village is a dance regional folk performance of the sixteenth century. Which is entitled as Morris.

  • Eton situated in Berkshire

Eton is the one of the most picturesque villages in England. A wide open pasture to river side is naturally beautiful. Boats are hired to cross and reach Windsor. The infrastructure of shops is of the last medieval times. A guide is must reveal the interesting and historical facts.

  • Hawkshead in cumburia

The settings of Hawkshead have not been altered.  The visitor may enjoy the views in the every prevailing corner of the village. The most interesting fact of the village is that the village was even favorite of William Wordsworth . The leading romantic poet of the English literature his poetry is still widely read and enjoyed. He liked passing from the narrow streets and  tumbledown structural design of the village.

  • Mevagissey located in Cornwall

The residents warmly welcome the guests. The main attraction in the village is an ancient way and technique of fishing.

  • Friston village

Friston is a very small village in Europe. The village was once known for a particular beverage‘genuine crawling gin’. Now the oldest house of the village has become a residential place of the writer. His most famous writing was in kids’ the railway children’. The village is situated at the top not plane region.

  • Hamsey

Hamsey is also entitled as ‘abandoned island’.its situated on the island but because of some unfavorable circumstances the population had to move to another place. The solo attraction of the village is the church which can be found in the not very wide tack across the moss valley. The panorama of the village from the upside located church is outstanding.

  • Groombridge

Groombridge be situated on the Tunbridge walls.  The name of the village is inspired from the name of Groombridge bridge. Sops and public houses are the main attraction of the village. Steam trains from Groombridge to Tunbridge let you enjoy and recollect the memories of ancient time. You can enjoy shopping like you do in the supermarkets as well facilitated shops of rural field. The most pleasurable time to visit in the village is cozy summer afternoons.


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