Samoa takes tourism to their villages

The Samoa Tourism Board takes Tourism to the Villages. That was the theme of the Samoa Tourism Authority’s road show on Tuesday. Aimed at enhancing tourism awareness amongst the rural communities, the road show began at Matatufu through to Ti’avea and culminated at the EFKS church, La- lomanu.

The road show focused on giving advice to villages and tourism-based business own- ers on ways to improve their trade. According to Tourism chief, Papalii Sonja Hunter, the road show going through the eastern region was important because it is where most tourists tend to visit.

“The road show was also a guide for any- one who wanted to start up a tourist-relat- ed venture,” she said.

“Whether it’s a beach fale, a bike and surf- board rent, selling fresh coconuts to tour- ists, anything. We were there to advise them on how to go about it and what tour- ists expect.”

Papalii stressed that the tourism industry has been a focal point of government de- velopment policy as it plays a critical role in Samoa’s economy.

“Because it plays such an essential role in Samoa and its economy, it is important to share the skills and knowledge about tour- ists and tourism in general to everybody in the rural areas. Essentially they will be the face of Samoa’s tourism brand or destination. It’s what tourists will remember about Samoa.”

STA also focused on the importance of services and facilities at hotels, resorts, restaurants, villa, Bed and Breakfast outlets and other services.

“Saying Talofa is slowly fading away,” said Papalii. “This is the part of our culture and tradi- tion that we should be proud of, greeting tourists with a simple Talofa. First impres- sions are lasting impressions. It always makes a big difference”

She added;“All villages should keep their grounds and environment clean, exercise good sanita- tion and plant trees and gardens to beau- tify their homes and villages.”

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