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The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page, as a great man said Travel means a lot; we got to know about the place, history, culture, language, art,architecture,politics and economy. It also depends on the interest of an individual in choosing a place to travel. Diverse geographical features, culture and heritage, histories, economies and politics brim in South East Asian part of the world. South Asian countries offer a vivid culture and civilization and different natural delights.

More than anything, travelling to South East Asian countries is comparatively cheaper than touring Europe or American continents. From bustling cities like Bangkok, Singapore and Kula Lampur to tiny villages and hamlets, Southeast Asia has combo pack travel Destinations to make your vacation memorable and worth. Here is a guide to explore South East Asia, which is exciting and glorious and an experience you will not forget.

  • Land of smiles- Thailand delights…
    A wondrous kingdom, Buddhist temples, exotic wildlife, spectacular islands with a glorious history and culture and the friendly people make up the Land of Smiles- Thailand. Reasonable prices, outstanding weather and warm hospitality attract thousands of visitors each year here. You have numerous activities in Thailand; learning activities like Thai cooking, Thai massage, Muay Thai boxing, golf lessons, rock climbing, scuba certification are some of the popular holiday activities. There are many cultural performances, which you can enjoy; variety of shows is arranged in many theatres in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and Phuket, etc. Outdoor activities like Hot air ballooning, Sky diving are air activities, land activities like Rock climbing, cave exploration, off-road driving, biking, water activities like Windsurfing, kayaking  and scuba diving are pretty famous here. Thailand has many more delights and it is also a good honeymoon destination.
  • Amazing Filipino- Philippines…
    Apart from top destinations Boracay, Baguio, Puerto Galera or Subic in Philippines, here are some of the unusual travel spots for you with added bonuses; low price and good hospitality. ‘Marble county’ Romblon is a beautiful province made up of about twenty islands, is a good source of marbles. Mt. Guiting-guiting on Sibuyan Island is ideal for trekking and mountain climbers. The sunrise capital of Philippines the Davo oriental boasts of its bonsai forests, plesiosaur-shaped “Dinosaur Island” and many more waterfalls and beaches. Take a trip to these places if, you are bored with usual tourist destinations.
  • Vietnam…
    Adorned with many historic cities, untouched nature, primeval nature, nice beaches add to the beauty of Vietnam. Vestiges of Vietnamese dynasty are attraction to be gazed and there are many places for insider trip here. Marble mountains near Da Nang are great marvels of Vietnam, which are not to be missed out. Caves are definite spots of exploration here, where you can find old scriptures and carvings and sculptures. Up the mountain there is lot to see and down the streets there is lot to shop like marble carvings. Vietnam cities are spots of beautiful chaos and you will love it definitely.
  • Indonesia…
    With mind boggling sun-kissed beaches, volcanic lakes, vast plains make Indonesian archipelago beautiful an attractive. Each island has its own unique flavor and the tribes have peculiar traditions and culture. Togean islands, formed by volcanic activity, covered by lush of rainforests and surrounded by ancient coral reefs consist of pristine islands and islets. Coral reefs support diverse marine life and people of about seven ethnic groups. Batudaka Island and its villages Bomba and Wakai, Taipi Island are ideal for snorkeling, Boliangga islands and the hill view are magnificent and you will fall in love with these places.
  • Laos…
    Hills surrounding Luang Prabang is tucked with diversity and a trek in around the villages is a worth holiday pastime. Lao livelihood is from river and agriculture. Though not a hot tourist spot you can visit this place to visualize the life of people. Villages are quite poor, not well civilized and most do not have electricity. But at backdrop you can mesmerize the pristine beauty of nature, which is ideal for trekking and local tribes will surely help you with that.

With so much to offer, choose one of these places for your holiday trip this season.

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Photo Credit: Department of Tourism of Philipinnes

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