The Benefits of a Mid-week Skiing Break

Keen skiers and novices will love the benefits of taking a short ski holiday. Affordable and requiring only a short time off work, it is the ideal holiday.

Cheaper Flights

One of the main disadvantages of a skiing holiday is that it can be pricey. By the time you’ve paid for flights, accommodation, ski passes and equipment, you may find you haven’t got much left to spend on enjoying yourself in resort. For a skiing trip on a budget, a skiing mini-break holiday is hard to beat. Instead of flying out and back home again on expensive, peak-time flights, shorter, mid-week breaks allow you to take advantage of cheaper, less popular flights. For example, instead of departing on a Friday evening when there is a lot of demand for flights and prices are sky-high, travelling to your destination on a Sunday or Monday can mean substantial savings.

Plenty of Time on the Slopes

Short break ski holidays do not mean you miss out on skiing time. Flight times to the European ski resorts from the UK are so short that you’ll still have plenty of time on the slopes and you’ll probably find them a lot less crowded than you would at weekends. In fact, depending on your destination, you could leave the UK at breakfast and be on the slopes by lunchtime! Travelling at quieter times means shorter queues in the airport and smaller crowds around the baggage claim area so you can keep moving and arrive at your destination more quickly than ever.

Fewer Crowds and More Freedom

Taking a short break and avoiding busy days means you’ll have much more freedom on the slopes. Popular ski resorts become extremely crowded with tourists and locals on weekends so by doing all your skiing mid-week, you’ll enjoy beautiful empty slopes. If you require lessons, you’ll find it much easier on a quiet day with fewer skiers around and far fewer distractions. Quiet, empty slopes will give you the confidence to really progress with your tuition. More experienced skiers will love the freedom of empty slopes.

As well as quieter slopes, you’ll be able to enjoy less crowded ski lifts. With fewer queues, you can spend more time skiing and less time waiting around. Fewer skiers out also means fresh, untouched snow stays that way for longer.

Affordable Accommodation

Many ski resort hotels offer special mid-week rates which you’ll be able to take full advantage of on your skiing mini-break. You will receive exactly the same high standards of service and facilities you would at any other time, but at a reduced price. Hotel facilities will also be considerably quieter, meaning a relaxing experience for you and your travel companions. Without long queues for breakfast or hotel facilities, you’ll have more time on the slopes.

A mid-week skiing break is the perfect way to recharge your batteries and enjoy spending time in the great outdoors without breaking the bank. Ideal as a family break or romantic getaway, a short break skiing holiday is an affordable and stress-free way to enjoy the slopes.


Monica Haubert is a freelance writer and avid skier. She skis in various European resorts several times each year and frequently writes articles on the best ways to save money on skiing holidays.

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