Top 5 Scottish Attractions

Scotland is a beautiful part of the UK. It boasts stunning landscapes, natural beaches and some of the biggest sight seeing opportunities in the UK.


1.     Loch Ness

The infamous loch is said to be home to a monster of prehistoric appearance that several people claimed to have seen. Although the loch has been explored multiple times by scientists, divers and animal enthusiasts, nothing has ever been found. Tourists flock to this destination in the hope of spotting the monster as the legend of ‘Nessy’ the loch ness monster is known across the world. The loch is situated amongst stunning scenery and breath taking views that adds to the mystery and speculation of the monster’s very existence.


2.     Edinburgh Castle

Built on top of a dormant volcano, Edinburgh castle is one of the most spectacular buildings of its kind and reflects perfectly the stunning architecture and the need for safe and protected building during medieval times. The people of Scotland fought for many years for their independence from England and to be seen as a separate country. The constant battles were the reason behind the construction of the castle and it now stands in near perfect condition over looking the beautiful scenes of Scotland.


3.     Aranamurchan Beach

One of the most stunning beaches in the world, this beach is relatively untouched and has been left to be entirely natural, guided in its appearance by Mother Nature. It’s quite and remote location makes it the ideal place for rest and relaxation and to take in the views that this part of Scotland has to offer. It is the most visited beach in Scotland and possibly even the UK due to its picturesque appearance. There is the chance to see wildlife in its natural habitat with whales, seals and dolphins making their presence known whilst the beach itself can often be home to deer’s and eagles.


4.     Blair Drummond Park

The ark is situated closely to Glasgow and Edinburgh and is home to a range of exotic animals that offers people the chance to see them up close and learn about the way they live and the type of species that they are. The park has a drive through nature reserve, a petting farm adventure area and a chimp island. Blair Drummond is unlike any other par due to the significant amount of space it boasts which allows them to house many different varieties of animals in as natural state as possible.


5.     Kellingrove Art Gallery and Museum

One of the biggest collections of art in Europe, the Kellingrove is home to some of the most breath taking creations in existence. People from across the globe visit this tourist hotspot to gain some culture and heritage that Scotland boasts. The museum is world class, housing beautiful artefacts and small glimmers of history that give you the background of a powerful and united country that fought so hard to be a country in its own right. The art, history and nature make Kellingrove one of the most iconic attractions in Scotland.


Scotland has a whole host of sights and activities that make it such a popular tourist destination. They hold regular events that encourage people from all over the world to experience the Scottish culture. The Edinburgh festival, is one activity that sees the tourist levels rise and is one of the best activities you can participate in within a stunning backdrop, holds more information.


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