Top 5 Sightseeing Attractions in South Goa

A trip to South Goa makes for a somewhat more different experience than what one usually reads or hears about Goa. South Goa is a little less crowded and overall more mellow than North Goa. Here, many of the beaches form part of the property of 5 Star beach resorts. However, South Goa is not boring by any stretch of imagination. The pristine beaches in South Goa also usually tend to be more appealing than the ones in North Goa. You can look forward to a world of numerous captivating sightseeing attractions as well as the best of booze and food. Get acquainted with 5 lovely charmers from South Goa.

Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary

This place has carved its niche in the Goa tourism industry. The park spans an area of nearly 240 sq km of protected area near the Eastern border of Karnataka and is home to an eclectic variety of Flora and Fauna life such as leopard cats, sloth bears, bisons, and deers. Interesting old temples dating back to the Kadamba Dynasty also form part of the park. One may visit the park from 8 am to 5 pm. The famed Dudhsagar Waterfalls is also situated nearby.

Dudhsagar Waterfalls

Dudhsagar means ‘Sea of Milk’. It is a four tiered waterfall and literally personifies its name during the rains. Lying high in the watershed of River Mandovi, it is perched above a height of around 310 m. In fact, the Dudhsagar Waterfalls is said to be the fifth tallest waterfall in India and the 227th in India. The terrific sight of water gushing down for over a thousand feet just can’t be put into words.

Polem Beach

This is the southernmost beach in Goa. The Polem Beach is a must visit spot if you are keen on exploring the tranquil side of Goa tourism. The clutches of so-called development and commercialisation have not been able to completely snatch this place. Overall, Polem is a great place for quietly curling up with a book or trying out some rejuvenating seaside meditation. With luck, the only sounds you hear will be the roar of the sea, the chatter of fishermen, and the cackling of seabirds.

Cabo da Rama Fort

This fort is named after God Ramayana and sits on the mouth of the River Sal. The Portuguese took it over in 1763 AD. Till about 50 years back, it used to serve as a prison. The views of the river and the adjoining landscape capture the fancy. It is not an overcrowded tourist spot and is accessed by way of a drive running through a thick forest of coconut trees.

Bogmalo Beach

With its powder soft milky white sands and green hills on three sides, this beautiful beach is yet another captivating facet of the South Goa tourism industry. The calm balmy waters here are ideal for swimming. For mind blowing tiger prawns and local Goan cuisines, check out ‘Full Moon Kneipe’ and ‘D’mello’s’. Diving facilities are available as well and one may also check out nearby attractions such as Chicalim, Issorcim beach, and Jacinto Island.



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