Top 5 tips when visiting the UK

The UK is one of the world’s top tourist destinations with 29.2 million visitors back in 2011, so the chances are that you will one day visit this country. With a rich history, beautiful scenery and wonderful people, why wouldn’t you?

When taking a trip to the UK, you want to make sure that you get the most out of your holiday and avoid any unnecessary pitfalls. Read on to find out our top 5 tips and things to do when visiting the UK.

1. Take in the history

The UK has a rich and diverse history. From its kings and queens to its castles and palaces, the UK has numerous historical landmarks and figures to explore and learn about. Notable places to visit include The Tower of London; Buckingham Palace and the British Museum, however there are many more places to visit. Whether you are in London or another part of the country, you are sure to find interesting places to immerse yourself in the UK’s history. Check out the Visit Britain website for some ideas on which historic attractions to visit in the UK.

2. Visit a city other than London

London is generally top of many people’s list when thinking of a city to visit in the UK, but if you’re travelling to the UK for a while, then why not take some time to explore some other parts of the country? Cities such as Birmingham don’t receive as many tourists as London, but still have a lot to offer. You can book a hotel in Birmingham here.

3. Check the weather

If you speak to anyone that lives in the UK about the weather there, they’ll no doubt tell you that it’s temperamental at best. The UK is notorious for sometimes having all four seasons in one day. It could be sunny one moment and then grey, cloudy and beginning to rain the next. Make sure you take note of the weather and dress accordingly; you may even need to take an umbrella in the middle of summer. To keep an eye on the weather, we recommend downloading a weather app for your mobile phone.

4. Don’t feel as though you need to tip everyone

When on holiday, you can often feel as though you need to tip everybody that you come across. The UK isn’t like many countries as you’re not expected to tip for every service that you receive. It is customary to tip in restaurants, usually around 15%, but other than that it is at your discretion.

5. Do go to some of the world famous events held in the UK

The UK holds some of the world’s most famous events, from sports such as Wimbledon and Royal Ascot, to music festivals such as Glastonbury. It would be a shame to travel all the way to the UK and not attend some of the events that you won’t be able to experience anywhere else.

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