Traditional holidays in Aruba that you must witness

Your vacation in Aruba will be remarkable when you witness one of their traditional holidays.  You must plan ahead or better yet make an early reservation and booked your planned getaway just in time for the traditional holidays in Aruba.  There are plenty are events that this one happy island usually celebrates and here are some of the traditional celebrations that you must be present in Aruba.

New Year’s (January 1)

If you’re planning to celebrate New Year in a different way and in a different place Aruba is the place to be. Official holiday commencing with the traditional, island-wide display of midnight fireworks and firecrackers that highlights the skies as Aruba joyfully welcomes the New Year. Legend has it that firecrackers ward off evil spirits. Groups of musicians, known as “Dande,” promenade from house to house to sing good luck-greetings for the New Year.

Betico Croes Day (January 25)

Aruba pays tribute to its greatest statesman on his birthday on January 25th by celebrating the national holiday called “Betico Croes Day”. The late Gilberto Francois “Betico” Croes lived from January 25th 1938 – November 25 1986. In life he was a charismatic political activist and former school teacher. He helped the island attain the “Status Aparte”. White its new status Aruba was given autonomy from the Netherlands Antilles, and was allowed to function as a commonwealth within the Dutch kingdom. Betico Croes Day is an official national holiday celebration in Aruba featuring various sporting events, an Island Wide event Harley Davidson Bike Tour, culinary festivals, folkloric dances and shows throughout the island.

Aruba’s Grand Carnival Parade (February10)

The biggest carnival parade is the Grand Parade through Oranjestad, held on the Sunday before Ash Wednesday. This parade is filled with music and luxurious floats and costumes in various designs and decorated with a wide variety of colorful stones and feathers, creating a unique display. Aruba’s main event starts at 12:00 noon in Oranjestad and continues into the evening hours.



National Anthem and Flag Day (March 18)

A hearty sense of pride is laid out each year as Arubans celebrate their Flag and Anthem Day. The Flag of Aruba was officially accepted on March 18th 1976, along with the official anthem “Aruba Dushi Tera” composed by Padu del Caribe, Hubert Booi and Rufo Wever. A dramatic folkloric production marking the National Anthem and Flag Day holiday is held each year on March 18th at Plaza Betico Croes in Oranjestad. This official national holiday celebration in Aruba also features many sporting events and games throughout the island for kids and adults.

Queens Day (April 30)

Aruba holds a courtesy ceremony on this official holiday in honor of Queen Beatrix of The Netherlands followed by much enjoyable activities around the island. People engage in kite contests, sporting events and other fun activities at various community centers.

San Nicolas Day (December25)

Adults and children celebrate each year the birthday of Sinterklaas (Sint Nicolas). Traditionally, Saint Nicolas arrives with his “Zwarte Pieten” (helpers) at the Paardenbaai Harbour in Oranjestad just before his birthday to greet the children of Aruba and reward them with gifts for their good behavior during the year. Grown-ups may also be treated with a surprising gift or two.


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