Traveling is nice but what about the hotels you will stay

Traveling is really an enjoyable activity. It is an ideal way to get rid of the stress of daily life. Experts say, “If you want to spice up your life you should travel to places where you have not been before. If you don’t have the time to travel, change design of your living room.”

The aim of this advice is to take the people out of the environment they have been living for a long time. People who travel to different places and see different people will forget about the problems they face in daily life, at least for some time. This will make them happy. Little changes make big differences in the lives of people. Such as, changing the places of the household goods makes a positive effect on the psychology of family members.

To travel to different areas out of the region gives relief to people. Those who go vacation begin to experience this feeling from the very first day. Even they surprise to see that their stress induced disorders such as headache, weakness and fatigue disapeared.

We can not finish telling the benefits of traveling. Besides benefits in terms of health, it also help people to socialize. Traveling to different regions and observe the lifesyles of people there  expands people’s horizons. A Turkish proverb says: “Those who travel a lot know much better than those who studied a lot.”

Travelling is getting easier because of rapid developments in the field of communication and transportation. Today you don’t have to pay large sums of money for traveling any part of the world. As you can make use of travel tours, you can also go traveling alone. Besides technological development, as in all other sectors, there’s a lot of competition in tourism industry that make travelling affordable for everybody in the world. In the past, it was only a dream to travel to Europe and America with low priced tours. Even if someone thought about, it  would have been a high priced adventure for her/him.

There are lots of destinations to go. Of course, you will choose the right one. It is up to you. As an experienced traveler I advice you to choose the destinations where your travel travel agent says you can find good quality hostels or hotels. In my opinion,  accomodation is the first issue to be discussed before giving a decision on travel destinations. People go travelling for to make a change in their lives and live comfortably. If you cannot sleep in your hotel room comfortably the next day will be a hard day for you. On the contrary, a sound sleep in a lovely hostel room you stay will make you happy and you will enjoy every second of the next day.

There maybe some people saying: “Don’t spend your money for staying high priced hotels. Spend your money to see more places, visit more museums.” Actually, you don’t need to go luxury hotels. There are a number of good hotels and hostels where you can stay. Just chek it.  I really don’t know how a person stay at a cheap hotel room and still claims he is a having a good vacation. Hotels are the part of our vacation. I believe most of you want have a good vacation not an adventure. For this reason, you have to check what kind of accomadation you will be offered before deciding to go traveling with a tour organization.

By Murat Yesil

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