Travelling Guide: With Children the do’s and don’t s

Travelling to an exotic destination with your family is always fun and rejuvenating because it not only helps you rejuvenate and take a break from the usual routine but also strengthen your bond with the family. Family holidays can be made fun, if you follow these do’s and don’t s while travelling with children:
1. Travel insurance: Always insure your family members before going on a holiday trip. This will help you seek any medical help, during emergencies and as a security against theft. You can always use child use child tax credits, to secure your child travel insurance.
2. Timing: To decide your place or destination for your trip, always choose them basing on their seasonal changes etc. For example, the best time to visit Switzerland would be from November- May. Tropical countries are usually very hot during summer. So, choose your destination wisely and sensibly to avoid hot flashes or diseases in your children.
3. Documentation: Make a list of documents you’d be requiring for your travel. Documents like passport, visa, international driving license and so on are too important, can’t be neglected.
4. Pre-booking: Pre-booking of transport tickets, accommodation etc. help you save a lot of money and also avoid confusion and chaos during travel.
5. Food: Make it a point to carry some healthy nibbles, snacks or fruits during travel. Children might suddenly feel hungry.
6. Always be friendly, courteous and dignified with neighbours in your tourist destination. Give instructions to your kids, priorly about the same before the visit.
7. Capture your memories and take a lot of photos to keep a record of your joyful family trip!
1. Always respect the privacy of the people of the country. Country with a conservative society or mind-sets wouldn’t approve of a few practices of your culture. Always have basic knowledge about the place you are visiting.
2. Do not over pack your luggage and suitcases. With children, there will always be scope for a lot of shopping and there should be enough space in your luggage to bring it back home.
3. Avoid carrying expensive jewellery.
4. Dress appropriately abiding by the rules of their culture, season and requirement.
5. Never carry any things which are proven to be harmful for children. Things like medicines, sharp objects should be kept away from the reach of children.
6. Don’t let children stay unattended in a foreign place. Always give instructions to your children on how to interact with strangers.
7. Do not wander in dark alleys, isolated place or places where there are a few or no people, in the spirit of adventure, especially when with children.
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