Travelling Without the Shackles of Gadgets

In this fast growing era, our planet has undergone substantial changes. People has witnessed changes in politics, liberty, rights, basically people has witnessed a change in the whole working system of the universe. The major change that has blown away the entire universe has come with the introduction of new advanced gadgets. Gadgets are trendy, flashy, and user-friendly and curbs down the load of a human being.

It is true that a gadget helps us while we travel. It is ordinary to see people travel with mobile phones, notepads and other precious little gadgets when they are going for trips. One cannot deny the importance of gadgets.  Actually it serves a great purpose in times of need. At any point of difficulty one can use these gadgets to connect to their travel agents or relatives and friends. With a reliable gadget you are just a call away from your friends and family. Besides a GPS connection in your mobile helps you locate your position, and maps embedded in mobiles are quite a good instrument to locate the path of your destination. One can remain connected to the social networking sites, like twitter and face book, at every time, through these gadgets. They can instantly upload their photos or update their status at any given point of time, just with a simple internet connection. Also gadgets prove to be useful in searching a hotel, a restaurant or a market at unfamiliar places.

Having said the plus points of carrying a gadget while travelling, isn’t it true that we are becoming slaves to these modern technologies?  In 1980s and 1990s life was very simple and we used to live a gadget-free life. Now, honestly speaking, computers and internets have spoiled that purity of life. So, it is advisable to make at least one trip in your life without any gadget. Obviously, you will be a bit inconvenient by the absence of cell phones, and it may be a bit difficult for you to manage in the beginning, but you will feel much more liberal, much more emancipated and free without the excruciating shackles of gadgets. Go out without any gadget; leave all the laptops, mobile phones, internet connections, and go with just a bag pack with clothes and feel the liveliness of a free bird. Climb the mountains and play around the beaches and you will see it will be the best holiday of your life. The indispensable tip for any backpacker is to just learn to read and use the simplicity of a map and compass and a GPS will become just another burden. Besides you would not get a charging plug at every remote place you explore, so use your mind and hand and live a gadget-free life.

You can buy tour packages from the internet and begin the best expedition worth cherishing for your lifetime. So please leave your gadgets at home and enjoy the world with a greater sense of clarity and distinction. But for now, grab your computer and book India tour packages to explore the raw wilderness of the earth.

About Creative Writer:

Manya Singh is photographer & solo traveller by hobby, travel blogger by passion and lifestyle writer by profession. At present she is responsible for managing and planning holidays at WeAreHolidays.



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