Villa Ephrusii de Rothschild , France- A Rustic Riot of Flower Colors and Kinds

Is it quite unfamiliar to your ears? If yes, then this will be your advantage to know what is Villa Ephrusii de Rothschild . Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild is a paradise of different collections like porcelains, paintings, furniture’s, drawings, carpets, and a variety of works of art. The Villa was named after Beatrice Ephrussi de Rothschild, the first owner and the designer of her own garden. The villa is not just a paradise of collection of different work of arts, but it is also a paradise of diverse plants and flowers. Its garden is its highlight, surprisingly it consists of eight gardens; the French garden, the Spanish and Florentine gardens, the Stone garden and the Japanese garden, the exotic and Provencal garden, the rose garden. These gardens are beautified by not the flowers only but also by different kinds of plants.
• The French garden – Trees such as hundred-year-old olive trees, cypress hedges, Aleppo pines, palm trees and the scent of agaves have beautified the garden side. When you visit this garden you will have the feeling that as if you were in Greece or somewhere in France.
• The Spanish garden- in this garden the flowers which gave beauty and aroma are Datura, arum lilies and honeysuckle. There is also Strelitzia region or the bird of paradise which looks like the heads of tropical birds.
• The Florentine gardens- This is the only garden which was left of the Italian gardens by Beatrice. This garden will amuse all of the visitors with its philodendrons and water hyacinths.
• The Stone Garden- In this garden, your eyes will be satisfied by looking not only for a variety of plants and flowers but you will be much amazed by the works of art in this garden. Azaleas, Japanese camellias, rhododendrons, fuchsias and the solandras can be seen in this garden.
• The Japanese garden (“Cho-Seki-Tei”) – “garden where one can calmly listen to the pleasant sound of the waves at twilight”. In this garden you can also see the Japanese Camellias and other flowers you can see in the stone garden.
• The Exotic garden- or the Mexican garden can give you a view of numerous species of agave, Barbary figs, echinocatus and the clusters of orange flowers. These will bring you to a very different world like paradise.
• The Provencal garden- here you will take a view of olive and pine trees, lavender and Agapanthus.
• The Rose Garden- This most fantastic garden among all, having its roses with different colors mostly is pink roses because it is Beatrice’s favorite color. This is the garden that every woman wants to visit. It is not just the very lovely scent of the flowers that women love but also the thought and sweetness and that inexplicable feeling of receiving roses from loved ones.
• Garden de Sèvres- it is not a garden which displays flowers but it is a garden of porcelains.

I can say that Villa Ephrussi De Rothchild is a perfect place for lovers, because of its ambiance which brings sweetness and love. It is also a perfect place for those people who want to unwind and put off their problems in life, because of the serenity, peacefulness, and calmness of the place. Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild is a package of every species of plants and flowers you can see in different places on Earth. It is a quite terrific and astonishing place that people and their loved one will surely love and visit over and over again.

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